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Bogotá, Colombia – Global Energy Monitor (GEM) has officially launched its Latin America Energy Portal, a first-of-its-kind, trilingual resource for researching energy and climate in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Encompassing interactive maps, downloadable data sheets, and hundreds of wiki pages in Spanish, Portuguese and English, the Portal offers a comprehensive snapshot of energy infrastructure projects in the region, including:

  • 1629 wind farm phases
  • 1336 solar farm phases
  • 782 gas and coal power plant units
  • 671 oil and gas extraction areas
  • 212 oil and gas pipelines
  • 85 LNG terminals
  • 27 coal terminals
  • 24 coal mines

The Portal’s data make it easier to visualize: 

  • Renewables growth throughout the region: Wind and solar are leading the clean energy transition in Latin America and the Caribbean. Follow country-by-country developments on the Portal Energético’s regional tracker maps.
  • Corporate & government roles in coal phaseout: Chile’s national decarbonization policy, established in 2019, has hastened the closure of the country’s coal plants. Some companies, such as Enel and Engie, have already accelerated their decommissioning timelines, while others have been slower to act.
  • Gas-to-power surge: Latin America has seen a recent surge in proposals for LNG import terminals and associated gas plants. The trend is especially strong in Brazil, where gas-friendly government policies and a new gas law have opened the market to greater competition.
  • The Texas-to-Asia gas pipeline: Mexico has seen a flurry of new LNG export terminal proposals, aimed at sending pipeline-supplied Texas gas to Asia. The trend is being accelerated by construction of Mexico’s most ambitious new pipeline project, the Interoceanic Corridor gas pipeline linking the Gulf and Pacific  coasts on the Yucatán peninsula.

“The Latin America Energy Portal is a must-have tool for any journalist who wants to cover the energy transition in the region. It provides the up-to-date information and data necessary for a deep dive into the pressing journalistic stories of our times.”

Francisco Parra, Director for Climate Tracker Latam

Watch this guided tour for a brief tutorial on how to use the Portal and follow @PortEnergia on Twitter to keep up to date.


Gregor Clark, Project Manager, Portal Energético para América Latina

Email: [email protected]

Mobile: +1 802-458-5579