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The Global Coal Plant Tracker (GCPT) provides information on coal-fired power units from around the world generating 30 megawatts and above. The GCPT catalogues every operating coal-fired generating unit, every new unit proposed since 2010, and every unit retired since 2000. Units often consist of a boiler and turbine, and several units may make up one coal-fired power station. The map and underlying data is updated bi-annually, in January and July. Each plant included in the tracker is linked to a wiki page on, which provides additional details.

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Boom and Bust 2021: Tracking The Global Coal Plant Pipeline

  • Global Energy Monitor, Sierra Club, CREA, Climate Risk Horizons, GreenID, and Ekosfer
  • Boom And Bust 2021

Boom and Bust 2020

  • Christine Shearer, Lauri Myllyvirta, Aiqun Yu, Greig Aitken, Neha Mathew-Shah, Gyorgy Dallos, and Ted Nace
  • Global Energy Monitor, Greenpeace, Sierra Club, CREA

Datang Tuoketuo Power Station, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, China
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