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The European Union (EU) is the world’s top gas importing region, deriving more than 80% of its annual consumption from external sources. The Europe Gas Tracker provides a compilation of GEM’s data on methane and hydrogen gas infrastructure across Europe, within and outside of the EU, as well as a few other countries* within the European gas network such as Türkiye. The Tracker covers methane gas pipelines, LNG terminals, oil and gas-fired power plants, and methane gas extraction sites. The Tracker also covers proposals to convert methane infrastructure to hydrogen usage and proposals for brand new hydrogen infrastructure. The map and underlying data are updated regularly, and each project has a dedicated wiki page on that provides extensive detail on the project, such as the project’s status, capacity, cost and ownership.

The interactive map format allows users to geographically visualize various configurations of pipeline routes and infrastructure locations. The data for this tracker is drawn from the global datasets developed by the Global Oil and Gas Plant Tracker, Global Oil and Gas Extraction Tracker, and Global Gas Infrastructure Tracker.

The current release includes the most recent Europe data from each of these trackers. The dates for each of the trackers’ most recent updates are listed in the About page of the data download.

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*The full list of countries in the Europe Gas Tracker is available in the methodology. The Tracker’s Europe focus is broader than the standard regional definition of Europe in GEM’s global infrastructure trackers.

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Rijnmond Power Station, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands
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