Global Energy Monitor’s Global Coal Plant Tracker provides information on 14,000 existing, proposed, and retired coal-fired generating units. This information can be viewed in map or table form on the web. Researchers can also request to receive the underlying data in spreadsheet form. The tracker uses a two-level system for organizing information. Summary information including location, status, sponsor, size, and carbon dioxide emissions is found on the maps and table. For further detail, each unit shown on a map or in a table is linked to a wiki page on To go to the Global Coal Plant Tracker, click here.

Who Uses the Global Coal Plant Tracker?

Although the Global Coal Plant Tracker was first conceived as a tool for grassroots groups working on coal, it has also been embraced by researchers and analysts worldwide as an accurate and up-to-date source of geolocation, ownership, carbon emission, and other information relevant to a wide variety of applications.

Here are sample projects that use the database or its summary data.

Subsidies and Finance

Energy Investment and Transition



Air Pollution

Coal Phase-out