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The Global Coal Tracker (GCT) is an information resource on coal projects and their development. Currently, the GCT includes all global coal terminals (import, export, and domestic); global coal mines; global coal plants; and global coal-based steel plants (blast furnace-basic oxygen furnace). The tracker’s interactive map format allows users to visualize the locations of coal projects, while the table format allows for access to additional data points on each project. Both the map and table provide menu-based data filtering options and links to further information in project-specific wiki pages housed on The sources used during research and data collection are cited in each project’s wiki page. The GCT data are updated, published, and distributed twice per year (April and September).

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Dalrymple Bay Coal Terminal, Queensland, Australia
Map Data: Google, SIO, NOAA, U.S. Navy, NGA, GEBCO, Image ©2022 TerraMetrics