Global Energy Monitor


What nuclear projects does the tracker include?

The tracker catalogs every nuclear power plant unit of any capacity and of any status, including operating, announced, pre-construction, under construction, shelved, cancelled, mothballed, or retired.

How do you define capacity?

Capacity is measured in megawatts, and refers to the collective nameplate capacity of the nuclear power plant unit.

How are the terms “project”, “plant”, and “unit” used and how do they relate to one another?

The collection of physical infrastructure that necessarily operates together is defined as a unit. In the case of nuclear power, a unit consists of a nuclear reactor used as a heat source; the heat ultimately is used to drive a steam turbine connected to a generator, producing electricity. Nuclear plants or projects can consist of one or more units, which may be built and commissioned at nearly the same time or at different times.

Improving the Tracker

What if I find an error or a missing project?

Please fill out an error report form here.


Who built this tool?

The tracker was designed and produced by Global Energy Monitor, a network of researchers seeking to develop collaborative informational resources on fossil fuel impacts and alternatives.

How do I cite this data?

Please refer to the Download Data page for citation guidance.