Global Energy Monitor

The Global Energy Ownership Tracker provides information on the chain of ownership for various energy projects. The data maps each level of the chain from the direct owner (as in, the lowest-level identified owner in the chain of ownership) up to their highest-level ultimate parents (e.g., corporations, investment firms, and governments). Ownership links are reported with the percentage of ownership, including owners that have controlling interest as well as those with minority, non-controlling interests (if over a threshold of 5% ownership).

This asset ownership data set covers five of GEM’s trackers:

Details about how each tracker identifies their assets and what methodologies they follow can be found on each of their respective pages of the GEM website linked above.

The Global Energy Ownership Tracker is updated after each new release of these underlying trackers. The most recent release of this data was in July 2024 and contains ownership data for Coal Plants, Oil and Gas Plants, Bioenergy Plants, Steel Plants, and Coal Mines.

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