Global Energy Monitor

The Global Coal Project Finance Tracker (GCPFT) provides financial data for the Global Coal Plant Tracker, which includes operating and proposed coal plants worldwide. Power plants for which financing information is not available are not shown on the map.

This database covers financial transactions from 2010 to the present. It only includes funding specifically earmarked for coal-fired power projects; it does not include general corporate financing, such as loans given to companies operating in the coal-fired power sector. The database also excludes funding for Chinese coal-fired power stations due to unavailability of public information.

The project gathered data from media coverage of financial deals for coal-fired power stations, government and NGO reports, and financial databases, including IJGlobal, Oil Change International’s Shift the Subsidies Database, the Boston University Global Economic Governance Initiative on China’s Global Energy Finance. Wherever possible, the information in the tracker has been verified by researchers familiar with particular countries, including consultation with Solutions For Our Climate (SFOC), Market Forces, and the Japan Center for a Sustainable Environment and Society (JACSES).