Global Energy Monitor


Does the tracker show all the operating plants in each country?

The objective of the tracker is to provide information on gas-fired power plants in the operational or developmental phases since 2020. Plants that were cancelled or retired before 2020 are not included.

What about small plants?

The tracker covers units totaling 50 MW or more (20 MW or more in the EU and UK) at a given location. For combined cycle units, this threshold applies to the entire combined cycle set and not to individual components.

How do you define capacity?

Capacity is measured in gross megawatts, prior to subtracting capacity used for plant operations.

What about plants that are switching from coal to gas?

As of the July 2022 update, the tracker explicitly tracks coal to gas conversions or replacements. The tracker includes coal plants that have announced or are in the process of a switch from coal to gas as a fuel source. These coal-to-gas conversions are added as “announced”, “pre-construction” or “construction” into the GGPT until the conversion is completed, when the status is switched to “operating”.

Are LNG gas plants being tracked separately?

The data does include LNG power projects, and these are distinguished by a “Fuel type” of “LNG,” but we do not have a separate list of these at this time.

Can you explain the difference between “units” and “plants”?

The tracker provides separate data on each of the multiple facilities that typically exist at a particular location. Each of these facilities is referred to as a “unit”. The entire collection of units at a given location is referred to as a “plant”.

What additional information do you have?

We have compiled information from different studies and reports on the health effects of gas plants in a page accessible here.

Carbon Dioxide

How were the carbon dioxide figures derived?

The tracker uses a calculation based on size of plant, regional or country capacity factor, and lifetime emissions factor for a gas-fired power plant. For details, see Estimating Carbon Dioxide Emissions from Gas Plants on

Improving the Tracker

What if I find an error or a missing project?

Please fill out an error report here.


Who built this tool?

The tracker was designed and produced by Global Energy Monitor. To the extent possible, the information in the tracker has been verified by researchers familiar with particular countries. The following people participated in plant-by-plant research: Nagwa Abdallah, Warda Ajaz, Harvey Hassan, Wynn Feng, Gregor Clark, Hanna Fralikhina, Christine Juta, Zhanaiym Kozybay, Dorothy Mei, Nyasha Milanzi, Scott Zimmerman, Will Lomer, Cheng Cheng Wu, and Sophia Bauer (all Global Energy Monitor). The project manager is Jenny Martos, with project support from Julie Joly and Ted Nace and data support from Mason Inman and Satomi Sugaya. Previous project managers include Sarah Clark (formerly Global Energy Monitor) and Mason Inman (Global Energy Monitor). Web/GIS programming was done by Tom Allnutt (GreenInfo Network).

How do I cite this data?

Please cite as “Global Gas Plant Tracker, Global Energy Monitor, February 2023 release.”