Global Energy Monitor


What wind projects does the tracker include?

The objective of the tracker is to provide information on utility-scale wind farm phases with capacities of 10 megawatts (MW) or more. The tracker includes every wind farm phase at this capacity threshold of any status, including operating, announced, under development, under construction, shelved, cancelled, mothballed, or retired.

How do you define capacity?

Capacity is measured in megawatts, and refers to the collective nameplate capacity of the wind farm phase.

Can you explain the difference between “phases” and “projects”?

A wind farm phase is generally defined as a group of one or more wind turbines that are installed under one permit, one power purchase agreement, and typically come online at the same time. A wind farm project can be composed of several phases, or just a single phase.

Improving the Tracker

What if I find an error or a missing project?

Please send information on errors or omissions to Shradhey Prasad ([email protected]).


Who built this tool?

The tracker was designed and produced by Global Energy Monitor, a network of researchers seeking to develop collaborative informational resources on fossil fuel impacts and alternatives. 

How do I cite this data?

Please cite as “Global Wind Power Tracker, Global Energy Monitor, May 2022 release.”