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The Global Steel Plant Tracker (GSPT) provides information on global crude iron and steel production plants, and includes every plant currently operating with a capacity of five hundred thousand tonnes per year (ttpa) or more of crude iron or steel. The GSPT also includes all plants meeting the five hundred ttpa threshold that have been proposed or under construction since 2017 or retired or mothballed since 2020.

Steel plants consist of multiple units, depending on the iron and steel production method used. Iron and steel are typically produced through coal-based methods (blast furnace and basic oxygen furnace or open hearth furnace) or electricity-based production (electric arc furnace charged with scrap metal, pig iron, direct reduced iron, or a combination). Details on blast furnace units at plants in the GSPT can be found in the Global Blast Furnace Tracker. The GSPT does not capture the historic capacity of all units that have been retired or mothballed within operating plants beyond the dates outlined above. The GSPT map and underlying data are updated annually. Each plant included in the tracker is linked to a wiki page on, which provides additional details.

The most recent release of this data was in April 2024.

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POSCO Pohang Steel Plant, Gyeongsang-do, South Korea
POSCO Pohang Steel Plant, Gyeongsang-do, South Korea
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