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The Global Oil Infrastructure Tracker (GOIT) is an information resource on crude oil and natural gas liquids (NGL) transmission pipeline projects and their development. Currently, GOIT attempts to include all global crude oil and NGL transmission pipelines of any status, though availability on this infrastructure varies across countries and regions, and some are researched more completely than others. An interactive map shows pipeline routes, and tables allow users to access additional data on each project. Both the map and table can be filtered, and more information is provided on project-specific wiki pages housed on The sources used during research and data collection are cited in each project’s wiki page. The internal GOIT database and wiki pages are updated continuously throughout the year, and an annual release is published and distributed with data summary tables.

The most recent release of this data was in May 2024.

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East-West Crude Oil Pipeline, Medina Province, Saudi Arabia
Map Data: SIO, NOAA, U.S. Navy, GNA, GEBCO, Image ©2021 Maxar Technologies