Global Energy Monitor

The Global Oil and Gas Extraction Tracker (GOGET) is a global dataset of oil and gas resources and their development. GOGET includes information on discovered, in-development, and operating oil and gas units worldwide, including both conventional and unconventional assets. The dataset tracks the status, ownership, production, and reserves of each unit, as data is available. For jurisdictions that provide comprehensive government data, our data includes the largest units that account for 95% of total production. For countries that do not provide comprehensive data, only units that have production of 1 million boe/yr or more and/or reserves of 25 million boe or more are included. The data is provided in both map and table format. Each unit included in the tracker is linked to a wiki page on, which provides additional details, including references for the data.

The most recent release of this data was in July 2023.

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Bulla-Deniz Oil and Gas Field, Caspian Sea, Azerbaijan
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