Global Energy Monitor


Does the tracker include all methane observations?

As of November 2023, the tracker provides methane emissions estimates for coal mine, oil and gas 2P reserves, and natural gas transmission pipelines for assets available within GEM’s databases. For oil and gas extraction areas GEM has associated assets within GOGET to fields within Climate TRACE’s dataset. This is not always possible owing to areas where GOGET fields are either defined more granularly or otherwise incompatibly with TRACE oil and gas fields. For remotely-sensed plume attributions, GEM has focused on CarbonMapper’s publicly available United States methane observations that have not been attributed by either the Environmental Defense Fund’s PermianMAP project, or in published academic literature (as in Rafiq et al., 2020). In addition, GEM has attributed CarbonMapper plumes globally for coal mines. Future iterations will include more future global attributions and methane sources.

Improving the Tracker

What if I find an error or a missing project?

Please fill out an error report here.


Who built this tool?

The tracker was designed and produced by Global Energy Monitor. 


The following people contributed to research: Sara Fatimah, Claire Pitre, Charmaine Dalisay, Ryan Driskell Tate, Dorothy Lan Mei, Wynn Feng, and Sarah Lerman Sinkoff. Web/GIS programming was done by Tom Allnutt and Tim Sinnott (GreenInfo Network). The project manager is Sarah Lerman Sinkoff.

How do I cite the data?

Please refer to the Download Data page for citation guidance.