Global Energy Monitor

The Global Hydropower Tracker is a worldwide dataset of hydropower facilities.

The tracker catalogs hydroelectric power plants with capacities of 75 megawatts (MW) or more. It includes all facilities at this capacity threshold for operating, announced, pre-construction, under construction, and shelved units. Some data are also included for plants that are either mothballed, retired, or canceled.

Projects are the fundamental level of organization for the Global Hydropower Tracker. A given project may consist of a single turbine-generator set, or multiple turbine-generator sets. When available, information about the capacity and number of turbine(s) is included. Multiple projects that are part of a collection of related power-generating infrastructure but which should be considered different plants due to distinct physical infrastructure, geographic separation, and/or other factors such as ownership or operation are linked together as a complex.

Various technology types are tracked in the dataset, including conventional storage, run-of-river, and pumped storage facilities.

Each hydropower plant included in the tracker above the 75 MW threshold is linked to a wiki page on the GEM wiki.

The most recent release of this data was in April 2024.

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Summary Tables

Fierza hydroelectric plant, Albania
Map Data: Google, CNES / Airbus