Global Energy Monitor


Where does the information on GEM Wiki come from?

The information on GEM Wiki comes from a wide variety of sources, ranging from official government reports to data provided by on-the-ground researchers. All information used in the Wiki is cited, so you can click through to view the original source of a fact or figure.

Wiki Roles

Who adds content to GEM Wiki?

GEM Wiki pages are created by GEM staff and by volunteers who contribute to the project.

Who edits GEM Wiki?

All changes to GEM Wiki are vetted, either automatically by the site or manually by a member of GEM’s staff. This helps to ensure quality and accuracy.

Can I contribute to GEM Wiki?

Yes, we welcome contributions from volunteers. You can request an account directly on, or you can contact us with any questions about volunteering that you may have.

Can you explain the difference between “units” and “plants?”

The tracker provides separate data on each of the multiple facilities that typically exist at a particular location. Each of these facilities is referred to as a “unit.” The entire collection of units at a given location is referred to as a “plant.”

Quality Control

Can I trust the information on GEM Wiki?

All of the information on GEM Wiki comes from other sources. These sources are cited and linked to at the bottom of each page. If you want to confirm a fact or figure, please click on the link to the original source.

Does vandalism occur?

As with any open project, vandalism is always a possibility. However, on GEM Wiki vandalism has been a rare occurrence, and is quickly corrected when it happens thanks to our quality control procedures.


How do I cite GEM Wiki?

You may either cite as “GEM Wiki” and include the date the information was accessed, or alternatively you can cite the original source of the data you’re using.