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The Global Coal Project Finance Tracker (GCPFT) surveys the financial institutions, both publicly and privately owned, that have provided funding for coal-fired power stations since 2010 or are considering providing funding in the future. 

The tracker can show financing in terms of financing amount (US dollars) or in terms of capacity financed (megawatts), and it can be filtered to show domestic and/or international financing. The map can also be organized based on the type of institution providing funding: government-owned commercial institutions (often referred to as state-owned enterprises), governmental or policy-oriented financial institutions, or privately-owned commercial institutions (any entity not owned by a government). Finally, the data can be filtered by the status of the financing deal. A deal is considered closed if a financing agreement has been signed and the funds are available for disbursement. All other deals are given the status “financing ongoing”.

This database covers financial transactions from 2010 to the present. It only includes funding specifically earmarked for coal-fired power projects; it does not include general corporate financing, such as loans given to companies operating in the coal-fired power sector. The database also excludes funding for Chinese coal-fired power stations due to unavailability of public information.

The Global Coal Project Finance Tracker is an expansion of GEM’s Global Coal Public Finance Tracker, which has now been retired. To view data that would have been in the Global Coal Public Finance Tracker, simply filter the map to government-owned entities and international financing.

If you have questions about this project, please contact the Project Manager, Alex Hurley.

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Port Qasim EPC Power Station, Sindh, Pakistan
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