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San Francisco, CA–Global Energy Monitor today released two new tools for tracking the global transition to renewable energy: a wind power tracker covering wind farm phases of 10 megawatts (MW) or more, and a solar power tracker covering utility-scale solar PV farm phases of 20 MW or more (10 MW or more in Arabic-speaking countries). Combining government, corporate, and other public data, the two trackers provide project-level data to show the speed and extent to which countries are building out wind and solar power.

The Global Wind Power Tracker (GWPT) catalogs 13,263 operating utility-scale wind farm phases generating 681.4 GW in 144 countries, and an additional 5,235 prospective projects  that would generate 882.0 GW.

Countries with the most operating utility-scale wind project capacity are: 

  1. China (261.2 GW)
  2. United States (127.3 GW)
  3. Germany (39.6 GW)
  4. Spain (26.8 GW)
  5. India (23.7 GW)

The Global Solar Power Tracker (GSPT) catalogs 5,190 operating utility-scale solar farm phases generating 289.7 GW in 148 countries, and an additional 3,551 prospective projects that would generate 651.6 GW. Utility-scale solar accounts for roughly 65% of total global solar capacity with the remaining 35% being residential and commercial installations. The data include province-level pledges from China’s 14th Five-Year Plan, estimated for utility scale, to provide a more accurate picture of prospective solar build-out. Future releases of the Global Solar Power Tracker will expand the prospective data in China at the project level.

Countries with the most operating utility-scale solar project capacity are:

  1. China (130.3 GW)
  2. United States (43.4 GW)
  3. India (29.0 GW)
  4. Vietnam (11.3 GW)
  5. Mexico (10.5 GW)

Capturing the full extent of utility solar and wind built-out around the world is critical for measuring progress towards the energy transition. With open-access project-level data like these, we are now in a much stronger position to track how countries are stacking up against their own stated renewables goals. 

Ingrid Behrsin, Project Manager, Global Wind Power Tracker
Ingrid Behrsin


Ingrid Behrsin, Project Manager, Global Wind Power Tracker, [email protected]
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Kasandra O’Malia, Project Manager, Global Solar Power Tracker, [email protected] 

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