Global Energy Monitor

Global Energy Monitor develops and analyzes data on energy infrastructure, resources, and uses. We provide open access to information that is essential to building a sustainable energy future.

Meeting an urgent need

In a world confronting climate change, data that informs strategies and solutions is more important than ever. Global Energy Monitor studies the evolving international energy landscape, creating databases, reports, and interactive tools that enhance understanding. Our work transforms complexity into clarity, enhancing the quality of public discourse on energy and the environment.

An offshore oil rig

Levels of understanding

GEM is developing a comprehensive set of tools that allow users to zoom out for summaries and analysis at the regional or global scale, or zoom in for background and details on any element of the system — coal mine, nuclear power plant, wind farm, oil extraction field, or fossil gas pipeline. 

Open, accessible data

GEM seeks to make reliable energy data available to the world. To achieve this, we operate on a principle of open access and collaboration. Our data tools are the products of global teamwork, with researchers, analysts, and volunteers from countries around the world each contributing their part. In turn, GEM makes these tools freely available to the world—granting unrestricted access to anyone with an internet connection. We believe that the data we gather should be accessible to everyone, as we believe that everyone is affected by the issues our work addresses.

Accountability and transparency

All data used in Global Energy Monitor’s work is attributed to an original source. These attributions enable users to identify where information is coming from, and to independently verify any information they may want to examine further. As our research efforts strive to follow the pace of global energy development, we remain committed to full accountability and transparency in our work.

For a detailed overview of our initiatives, read more in our annual report.